Frequently Asked Questions

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No experience is required! Plenty of students join our multi-week adult courses and one-time introductory workshops having never touched clay before. Your instructors will make sure you feel comfortable and prepared.

Please bring your own tools, towel, and apron. Tool packs & Blue Skies aprons are available to purchase for $20 and $35, respectively, or $45 when purchased together. A firing fee will be charged for each piece you choose to fire in our kiln, the rate of which is 5 cents per cubic inch, and this cost covers both the bisque and glaze firing. Porcelain clay can be purchased for $25 per bag.

Included with your multi-week course is personal shelf space for your work, one free weekly open studio session for you to practice independently (the sessions are 3 hours long and can be rolled over if you can’t make it during any week), unlimited free studio clay in 3 different clay bodies, and a wide selection of free glazes and underglazes to help personalize your pots.